Aim Higher: Integrated Bodywork


What would you be doing if you were not in pain? This question is the starting point of our therapeutic relationship. Our integrated bodywork sessions offer you the tools to have a better understanding of your pain, which is the first step in gaining control of it. By creating a safe and supportive space that reduces the threat(s) to your nervous system, our sessions support and deepen the inherent resilience and adaptability of your body. Through a unique blend of manual and movement therapy approaches as well as pain education we will design sessions to help you find improved function, easeful movement, heightened self awareness and relief from pain.



What to expect in a session:

Sessions are 75-90 minutes long. We’ll begin with a chat about your health history and goals for the session. (It’s helpful if you email your intake form prior to the session.) We will do a brief movement/ postural assessment to explore which positions or simple movements (eg. turning your head or lifting your toes) are easy and which are limited or challenged. We will use this information to guide you into new movement experiences designed to safely load the tissues and rebuild your confidence. When indicated we will incorporate hands-on techniques that are generally slow sustained pressures applied to different areas of the body, sometimes coupled with your active movements. The pressure ranges from very light to deep, depending on your needs. Throughout the session you will have the opportunity to deepen your understanding of what pain is and how it works. We will offer you self care strategies to continue your journey toward recovery.



What our clients say:

Alethea is truly amazing! I literally had this moment yesterday when I was running to the train and I noticed the may pain was basically gone, nothing more than an echo of what was once there. What Alethea is doing with bodywork is amazing and I believe her clients are going to be singing her praises for quite some time. I think this work and her skill at it will help to keep me healthy and in shape so that I can keep dancing for many years to come.
— Alberto Denis, Dancer, Third Rail Projects
I have struggled with intermittent pain in my right ankle over the past decade from an old injury. The pain at times has been severe. Working with Alethea over the past year has been wonderful! By focusing on not just where the pain starts but how it expressed itself in my body, Alethea has helped my posture, my walking and helped teach me how my body can heal itself!
— Leticia Peguero, Executive Director, Andrus Family Fund